WebPathLab introduces WPL2.i™
A modular Web-based Full Anatomic Pathology solution designed to improve efficiency, reduce operating cost and increase customer satisfaction. 

Call today for an online demo and see how WPL2.i can help you reduce expenses, streamline your workflow and improve your productivity or visit us at webpathlab.com

Modules include:
  • Anatomic Pathology
  • GYN Cytology
  • HL7 Engine
  • Online Report Viewer
  • Online Ordering
  • Business Intelligence (Data Mining)
  • Auto Image Upload (Microscope Camera)
  • Molecular Ordering and Reporting

With over 25 new features WPL2.i provides new exciting capabilities.
• FEATURE: Dual View Sign Out (Improved sign out process)

The new dual view allows the pathologist to review the PDF report on one side of the screen and make corrections on the editable area on the other side of the screen.  Updated information is instantly incorporated into the PDF report. 

  • The PDF report side allows for whole screen view with one click for maximum clarity. Another click returns the PDF to the default size of half the screen’s width.
  • The Editable screen also allows for microscopic image enlargement. A photo micrograph or even a gross image can be enlarged for further review.

  • User can remove images from the report without deleting them from the system and without exiting the sign out page
  • All coding information (ICD9 and CPT code) is also accessible on the editable page
  • User has access to all dictionary data, spell checker, and all images from the sign out page.  learn more...
FEATURE: Granular Access Control with Web-Based Solution

The system administrator’s capability for granting access have increase considerably.  With the new “Master Access” architecture, the administrator can now customize the system access based on the individual’s responsibilities, and not just their function such as Accessioner,  Grosser, or Transcriptionist. Coupled with the ubiquitios Internet Access, this combination provides powerful capability and options to the Pathologist.

  • PATHOLOGIST’S ACCESS: Pathologist can have access to all other pathologists’ cases, or only their own cases.  This works well when an outside pathologist, or Locum Tenens need access to the system without having complete access to all other cases.
  • REMOTE HISTOLOGY PROCESSING. For those pathologist who do not want to incur the cost of running and maintaining a histology lab, they can contract an external histology lab that will deliver the slides to their office.  All the requisition and grossing information will be entered into the system by the histology lab and is available to the pathologist’s office. The histology lab will have not access to any information beyond that which is needed for slide preparation.
  • REMOTE UPLOAD OF IMAGES. The remote histology lab, can upload images, such as grossed images or scanned slide images, that will be attach to the corresponding case while maintaining complete inaccessibility to the patient’s diagnosis.  The pathologist will be able to view, and enlarge these images.   learn more...
FEATURE: Enhanced Navigation from the Home Page.

WPL2.i’s Home Page features Enhanced Navigation from where every task for any case can be accessed with one click of the mouse.  It also provides information on the status of all cases.

  • The user can quickly access any area of any case with one click from the Home Page, such as uploading esoteric testing results
  • User can filter and sort information for better management of the cases. System will remember the last filter settings used by the user
  • Cases over 2 days from received date are automatically tagged with a red marker (Circle). Cases under 2 days are tagged with a green marker (Circle). Cases at 2 days are tagged with a yellow marker (Circle)
  • Number of all cases in the queue for either a specific pathologist of the whole lab is displayed.   learn more…

Please contact us at 916.932.2462 for offer details, email us at info@webpathlab.com or visit us at webpathlab.com

Check us out on CAP TODAY’s February Issue page 41

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